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Within the aerospace industry, many components are done with vibratory finishers. With expensive part costs, many components cannot be mass finished in large vibratory tumblers so they must be segmented in a tub finisher with compartments. This style of finisher allows each component to be deburred individually and achieves the optimum results. For example, this is done with aluminum and titanium that have been CNC machined.

Whether the part requires a general deburring of the edges or removal of all of the machining lines before the next process.

Another application is the smoothing or lowering of the RA of blisks (IBR) or foils. These highly valuable parts can be fixtured so that part impingement cannot happen. Also with our HFF (High-Frequency Finisher) machine, a part like a blisk can be held in place while an isotropic finishing action occurs all around it. This random motion of the finishing media allows for the most even surface finish in the industry. While it is not as fast of a process as high-energy finishers, it does not damage or over-finish the leading edge of a foil.

The end result of smoothing the component is a reduction in drag and an increase in the efficiency of air compression in the engine.


Whether you are making new ammunition or remanufacturing used ammunition, whether you have 5-gallon bucket loads to massive scale production loads, there are solutions to suit your production requirements.

Vibratory Finishers can be as gentle on casings and bullets as you need them to be to help achieve that high shine and are easily repeatable. This repeatability is essential in giving your customers the consistency that they demand.

When cleaning up bullets, polishing casings, and applying protective coatings and lubricants, the motion generated in a Vibratory Finisher is ideal. An entire tote of bullets can be loaded, processed with multiple steps of chemistry, lightly deburred/smoothed, polished, and then automatically fed downstream to Rotary Drum Dryers that will finish the process without any extra handling from operators.


Almost every component in the automotive industry can benefit from mass finishing,
washing, or drying during its production. The most common example is using a Vibratory Finisher to deburr a stamping or casting. With machines ranging from 1 to 100 cubic feet, there are plenty of options to fit your production needs.

Machines can have internal separation which can separate the media from the parts after the process is complete.

As always all of these machines can be customized specifically to your production requirements. Full automation is available on any machine and can help reduce labor costs dramatically.

So whether you are deburring a stamping, washing a casting after a machining step, or drying a clean part before assembly, contact us today with your questions.


As you look at the wide range of components that make up a rifle or handgun, you begin to see the challenge to handle the surface finishing of these components after they have been fabricated.

Almost always the prior operation involves machining, whether it is a lower or upper receiver, shroud or rail pieces, or sight mounts. All of these components can benefit from deburring, smoothing (eliminating machining lines), and surface preparation for coating prior to the next operation.

Another example is a magazine that is stamped and then welded together and can be finished, to eliminate sharp edges before coating and assembly.

Vibratory Finishers eliminate the need for hand deburring and can provide a much more consistent product time and time again.


Comprising a broad range of parts, such as bearings, motors, springs, pneumatic and hydraulics components, this industry has a countless amount of surface finishing requirements.

Smoothing-bearing races are done efficiently with vibratory finishing or High Frequency Finishers. Even large-diameter bearing races can be done without any part-on-part impingement if fixtured individually.

Deburring castings after machining operations can be done with almost all of our finishers.

Continuous finishing operations are common for the die-casting industry when deflashing and deburring are required.

With many other process examples available, contact us today to discuss what your specific requirements are.


Requirements in this industry are rigorous, so the surface finishing requirements are equally tough. This means that precise finishes with low RAs are essential. With many types of finishing equipment available, we have the solution for your part.

For general purposes, deburring or smoothing a Vibratory Finisher is the right choice due to its unbelievable adaptability for the most different settings possible. From gentle to aggressive weight settings, and the ability to work with all types of media and compounds.

For fast burr removal or accelerated smoothing process then high energy finishers provide the speed that is necessary.

And lastly, for the smoothest possible surface on your medical component, a High-Frequency Finisher delivers the lowest RAs.

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