Making the Cleaning Process for Metal Components a Breeze



VibeTech's vibratory dryers create a toroidal motions a spiraling roll of media parts - and a vibratory motion that work together to achieve clean and dry part surfaces without leaving water stains. By utilizing a process channel that is heated directly from the bottom, our dryers distribute heat more evenly than traditional standing heat lamp assemblies

The design of our vibratory dryers also requires less floor space than our competitor's models and incorporates features, such as insulated exterior side walls, that increase operator safety. With their all heavy-duty welded construction and flexible design, VibeTech can design a dryer that works with your existing finishing machines.



Combining the functions of two machines into a single machine saves both space and money.

The core of this machine is a vibratory finisher with manual or pneumatic internal separation. This

function then feeds the finished parts into an outer channel that dries and polishes them. In this combo machine, we offer both our standard finishers and long radius finishers, which allows you to configure the machine to suit your application.

With its efficient use of space, exterior mounted components and custom options, our combination finisher/dryer is ideal for maximizing both floor space and productivity.



For smaller parts that need to be aqueous washed or dried, rotary drum-style washers/ dryers are an ideal solution. As small parts have a tendency to get jammed in standard belt washers and rotary washers feature a drum whose only openings are a series of small perforations, parts are effectively processed without becoming trapped.

Parts are loaded into the drum's opening and, as the drum rotates, a series of flights push the parts through the machine. By allowing for different drum lengths and diameters, VibeTech’s rotary drums allow you to tailor your process times and variations.

Included standard with every rotary drum washer/dryer, are control panels, heat controls, variable speed drives, high-quality load runners, drip pan, fork pockets, an insulated hood assembly, and a stainless steel drum and auger. Beyond that, many options are available to customize your washer’s process and materials.

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Files coming soon.



VibeTech belt-conveyor aqueous parts washers are ideal for cleaning parts automatically in a continuous process.

A wide variety of stage configurations are possible, with the available stages being a wash, rinse, blow-off and dry. A range of belt widths, from 12 inches to 36 inches, are possible so that you can select a width that best meets the requirement of your application.

VibeTech is also capable of customizing your belt conveyor parts washer by adding any of a number of pre-engineered options, meaning we can build the machine to your specifications and in a way that its performance meets ~ or exceeds ~ your expectations.

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