Versatile Vibratory Finishing Equipment for Metal Projects



Standard round bow! finishers are the most common and versafdle of all vibratory finishing styles of equipment. In VibeTect''s line of finishers, two simultaneous actions work in tandem to finish parts.

In the first action, the parts tumble within the media in a toroidal motion. In the second action, the

finishing machine vibrates at a consistent 1,450 RPM. finer, more complete finish than traditional tumblers.

With a range of customizable features, our vibratory finishers can be designed to meet any application requirements. Whether you require internal separation, PLC automation, noise covers, pneumatic unload doors, settling tanks or more, our full line of vibratory finishing equipment is built with experience, inside and out.

VTHT-3070 Tub Fin. 3_4 Vie - Tub finisher


Tub finishers, or trough vibrators, are a versatile finishing machine for medium to large parts. For their capacity, tub finishers provide the maximum channel width and allow parts to be easily segregated with customizable, removable compartment dividers.

The heavy-duty, interlocking structural design of our tub finishers feature a U-shaped trough that is

lined with a premium polyurethane lining that is then mounted onto coated coil springs. The drive itself consists of a premium efficiency motor that powers an offset drive shaft with easily adjustable weights. Operators can adjust these weights to increase or decrease the aggression of the machine.

In combination with the tub finisher’s customizable compartment dividers, this feature allows

operators to ensure a precise surface finish and batch integrity.

CLM inline_finisher_vti-30-204


CLM Vibetech's inline finishers are continuous process finishing machines that are designed for high production rates of larger parts. With the ability to eliminate the production bottleneck in the finishing department, they are used heavily in the die cast and CNC machining industries to rapidly deburr and/or deflash parts.

Parts are loaded into one end of the machine and go through a finishing process before exiting the opposite end. Afterwards, they are discharged onto a shaker screener to separate the media which is then diverted to a return conveyor that brings a consistent amount back to the beginning

CLM Vibetech can work with you to customize our inline finishers to the needs of your production line. Whether you want to send parts into secondary operations like washing or drying, we can tailor our inline finishers to work seamlessly with any of your production process.

VT-50 LR w_Control - long radius finisher


Featuring a longer working channel, a larger bowl diameter and a decreasing channel width, our long radius finishing machines provide a very aggressive action due to an expanded center column that allows for a longer lever arm.

This style of finishing machine was specifically designed for steel ball burnishing and continuous operations. Because of their heavy-duty welded construction and proven, oil lubricated drive system, Vibe Tech's long radius finishing machines are engineered for lasting, long-term performance.

Capable of continuous operations ranging from two minutes to fourteen minutes, these machines can be built with custom control panels and tailored to suit your specific application.



Unlike standard vibratory finishers that rely on amplitude and feed to create a rolling action to finish

your parts, high frequency finishers generate a unique process that uses less amplitude, more

frequency and a lapping style action. The result is complete part coverage, repeatability, fine polish, superior surface refinement and no part impingement, as parts are fixtured within the work chamber.

With this gentler process, high frequency finishers are ideal for smoothing high value or sensitive parts.

CLM Vibetech screeners


Typically used in applications where the entire mass - parts and media - requires separation after being unloaded from a batch finisher, shaker screeners are ideal for applications that require the separation of parts from media or as an offline media classifier.

Twin electric vibratory motors create the linear motion and vibration required to transfer the mass forward and generate enough vertical action to aid in separation.

In most applications, the media or screened material is dropped to a lower level, moved to the end of the machine and ultimately expelled from a discharge chute where the customer's media bin or hopper is located.

Portable and single-phase Finishers